I grew up in Boulder, CO in a family of artists and makers. Always having an interest in design, I earned a Bachelors degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising from Colorado State University. After graduation, I taught myself the craft of leatherwork and designed Mae Pelle, a line of high quality handmade leather bags and accessories that I sell online and at local stores. For me, being a designer has translated into many areas of my life, including the home. I have always been influenced by the art of interior design, whether it was building extravagant dollhouses or redecorating every my room every year. After living on my own, I realized how much a space can set the tone of your life, and can influence your creativity, mood, and overall wellbeing.


I used my knowledge of this to turn an unused part of my home into an Airbnb. I was able to design and manage a project, and watch it transform into a functional Airbnb that I also managed for two years. During this time, I have used my keen eye for design, savvy shopping skills, and meticulous organization skills to help over ten different clients transform their properties into their dream spaces. Over the past three years I have gained the knowledge and experience to keep growing as an interior designer, and I’m currently in the process of getting my Interior Design Certificate from the New York Institute of Art and Design, and hope to join a firm to get more hands on experience. 


the fairy house


This small 500 sq ft carriage house once used as an art studio, was transformed into a functional, cozy living space. This project consisted of carpet removal, repainting, designing a small kitchenette, and then furnishing and decorating. The upstairs has a zen, cabin like feel with aspen wood ceilings, and a playful grey-blue floor. It is decorated with raw blonde wood and soft animal hides. Since the bedroom upstairs needed to be peaceful, tranquil and spacious, the downstairs has to be a functional space while still maintaining the aesthetic. The downstairs space is a small, odd shape so furniture had to be multifunctional and perfect for small living.  This beautiful home sits next to a creek and now runs as a very popular Airbnb. Guests say they love the cozy, whimsical feel and tasteful decor. 

bright and spacious basement studio

This 600 sq ft once used as a chaos filled basement, now serves as a clean and spacious studio that the client will use as an Airbnb. I managed this project which consisted of emptying and organizing basement items into a storage pod. Then followed by carpet removal, wood floor install, plumbing/electric, painting, and lighting, bathroom and kitchen design. I wanted this studio to feel bright and spacious as if you were in a New York apartment.

Client Testimonals

Patricia G. - Boulder, Co

Addie helped us with redecorating our Airbnb and we enjoyed every second working with her! She has such a great eye and made changes we wouldn't have ever thought of doing. She's professional, kind, and isn't afraid of giving

her opinion but also keeping your own sense of style. She did all the research, shopping, and returning, making our lives so much easier! She has great organizational skills and made our Airbnb so user friendly! 

Nini C. - Boulder, Co

We have lived in our home for 25 years and unorganized is an understatement. Addie completely changed our lives by working with us - our house is now clean, organized, and decorated beautifully. Originally we were going to just do a spring clean, but with her vision we ended up redoing our floors, that desperately needed it. At first it sounded like too much work and stress, but with Addie it was a breeze. She organized schedules, movers, POD storage, and even got multiple bids from flooring companies. She even had the vision of turning our basement into an apartment which will help us in the future as we are now retirees who need extra income. She designed the kitchen and living space and the transformation is remarkable. Addie has a vision to make a house as beautiful as it can be, and makes getting there a fun journey. 

Sean G. - Boulder, Co

I currently had a successful Airbnb but wanted to bring it to the next level to qualify for Airbnb plus. I hired Addie through word of mouth and love the changes she made. We had a quick deadline and she was on top of it! My Airbnb immediately qualified for Plus so now I can offer a more luxurious place for guests and bring in more income. 



Airbnb Stylist

After designing and managing my own Airbnb for two years, I have a lot of expertise on what it takes to have a successful 5-star rental, from the photos you use, the decor, and even the amenities and supplies. Each client I take on has different strengths and weaknesses in their spaces, and during our consultation I can quickly note what they can do to bring it to the next level. I have worked with clients who are just starting an Airbnb, as well as clients who already have a successful one but just need some updates. 


It all starts when the guest is searching for a place, and the photos you choose are critical to draw in the eye. I have had guests tell me they booked my Airbnb just because of the main photo. They must be bright, high quality, and detailed, because guests want to know exactly what their getting when they book. After we are done with updates and styling, I always take quality photos and edit them so they pop. Most guests are drawn to the decor of the space, and enjoy fun and unique style. Small changes can go a long way whether it's new bedding, plants, throw pillows, and artwork. We can work together on a theme and decor style that you like, but more importantly one that will draw in even the most pickiest of guests. 

I do all the shopping and setting up, and will do any returns we need to, including online orders. I keep track of all receipts and spending, making your life easier! I also make sure your Airbnb is functional, because with high turnaround rates you need to have an organized system with plenty of extra sheets/towels and supplies. 

Home Styling & Organizing

On top of styling Airbnbs, I also do peoples homes and unlike Airbnbs, this involves working with peoples belongings which goes further than just appearances. This is a concept that most people have a love/hate relationship with. Being organized has a rewarding feeling, but getting there is difficult and most people feel lost. It's very easy to get unorganized and lose your system, creating messy closets, drawers, and basements/storage areas. Organizing takes consistent attention and upkeep, but ends up being a habit and gets easier. Many people feel shame in areas of their home, from the amount of things that get accumulated and the way they are stored and treated. 

Being organized takes time, training and upkeep, but in the end I believe you will enjoy the process. Getting rid of items you don't need and organizing the things you have creates a satisfying feeling. Your home will feel more functional, clean, and zen.


I am here to help you along this process. After settling in a space for more than a year, it's so easy to stop the organization process and accumulate unneeded items. I can help with closets and properly storing clothing, bathrooms, kitchens, and basements/storage areas. I can help you sift through belongings and also take items to donate. During this process we can also update furniture, decor, and make sure we have a system you can keep up. Feel free to contact me and we will discuss all your organizing needs!


My rates truly depend on the project and type of work. I usually charge hourly but I can give you an estimate on how long I think we will need to work together. I give free 15 minute consultations over the phone and we can discuss your needs and ideas!



Tel: 303-250-9079

Boulder, CO

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